Outdoor Design Ideas for the Rocky Mountain Range

Northeastern Utah is covered with Sandstone in many areas. The Sandstone is found in colors of beige, pink, red, white, and brown in the lower mountain ledges. The weather wears it away with time, and it may get cracks. However, a 12 inch square Sandstone can last for 60 years or more. In Northeastern Utah and other places in Utah there are homes and buildings that were built of Sandstone in the early 1900’s that stood for a hundred years or more.

Another form of Sandstone commonly called River Rock is also found in the Uintah Basin, in Northeastern Utah. These round shaped rocks are found in many different sizes, and can be used to border a flower bed, or use in a place where you want a Hardscape Design. River Rock also makes beautiful walls and pillars. Outdoor design ideas for using less water are seen more and more.

A favorite rock we find, but it is not as common as Sandstone is a marble like rock that the Native Americans (Ute Tribe, etc.) made arrowheads out of. They are in shades of red, orange, white, and grey. They are much harder and do not wear away with rain and snow. We sometimes find geodes in them. It takes a diamond blade to cut them open.

The last kind of rock we will mention that is found in Northeastern Utah is another flint like stone that is a darker brown with a smooth surface. It also has to be cut with a diamond blade if you want a flat surface.

As you can tell we have plenty of rocks to work with. Rocks give a feeling of solid stability to your landscape, and are well worth considering for part of your outdoor design ideas. outdoor landscape design

Rocks can be used to make pathways, and steps going up a steep incline in your yard. You might even want to try building a wishing well. My grandfather had a water well back in the early days of settlement in the Uintah Basin that was at least 15 feet deep. Part of it was lined with River Rock, and it had Ledge Rock Sandstone on the top above the water level. Because of the vast mountain ranges in the Rocky Mountain Range the colors, shapes, and kinds of rocks are endless.

In the higher altitudes in the Rocky Mountain Range there are many Pine Trees such as Blue Spruce, Yellow Pine, and Ponderosa Pine. There are also groves of Quaken Aspen. These trees can be grown at lower altitudes, but they must be placed in well drained soil. There are many outdoor design ideas using wood. Fences, a trellis or two, benches, climbing pathways are just a few ideas.

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