Prepaid Calling Cards

A prepaid calling card is purchased with a set amount of funds on it. Phone card users can use the card on any phone, charging the call to their card. Once the funds have been depleted, the card must be either recharged or discarded. Prepaid calling cards can either be purchased in increments of dollars or minutes. Typically only domestic calling cards are quantified in minutes, because all calls within the United States are billed at the same rate per minute. International calling cards however, are quantified in dollars, because each country has its own rate per minute. This allows cardholders to use the card to call to any country they wish.

Credit Based Phone Cards

A credit based phone card is a post-paid phone card. It allows the same convenience of a prepaid calling card, however there is not a constant declining balance. Instead, the calls are billed on a per call basis and the user receives a monthly bill. Often times credit based phone cards are charged right to your credit card. recargas telcel

Rechargeable Phone Cards

Rechargeable phone cards are calling cards that can be recharged after the minutes expire. Depending on where you purchased the card determines how the recharge can be applied. For calling card purchased over the Internet, return to the site where you purchased the card and there will be a recharge option. Rechargeable cards that were purchased in the store, should have all recharge information on them.

Depending on the company issuing your card, recharges can be done via, credit card, money order, personal check, or cash.

Instant PIN

The term instant PIN (Personal Identification Number) can be applied to most calling cards bought over the Internet. PINs are shipped over e-mail as a way of avoiding shipping costs and eliminate lag time between the purchase date and receiving date. With instant PINs the user does not receive the actual card. Instead they will receive an automated e-mail after the purchase has been completed. The e-mail will contain all information necessary to begin using the card, including PIN number, access numbers and technical support. In many cases, the email includes the image of the card with detailed information. The card image and information can be printed and cut out to fit in a wallet, like a traditional store bought card.


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